Clapham Home, 3.5kW Solar System.


8 Years


3.6kW Solar System


Clapham, London

In urban areas such as London, the issue of reduced roof space is often a challenge when installing solar panels – as was the case with this semi-detached property in Clapham. However, using intelligent systems and a well-designed scheme, we were able to fit eight solar panels which used advanced micro-inverter technology to get the maximum amount of free energy for our client. 

We later returned to the property to install a battery after remotely monitoring the energy being produced. The data showed us that excess energy was being produced which, with a battery, could be utilised by the homeowner. With no additional upheaval, we were subsequently able to increase the energy efficiency of the home by using the battery to collect the surplus power being produced. The projected ROI for this project is 7 years.

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